Where do I begin?

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Plan A’s blog and thank you for visiting.  For the past 48 hours I have been pondering what to write in my first post.  You see, I have been a little shy about putting myself out there, which may surprise some, as those who know me will attest to the fact that I am far from shy.  I think I have been planning this for so long that the reality has become a little scary.
So…after all my pondering I thought a simple introduction to myself and Plan A would be a good place to start.  Here goes…
Hi, my name is Amanda.  I like lists, photography is my hobby, I am crafty (in the sewing/creative kind of way, not the cheating/sneaky kind of way), I confess to being somewhat of a control freak and I love a good soiree. Random Fact: My last Hemispheric Dominance Test showed that I use both the left and right sides of my brain equally, allowing a good balance of creativity with logical thought process.
My sister, who is none of the aforementioned except for very creative and crafty, got married a few years ago and immediately requested my assistance.  It was only after all the pomp and ceremony was over that I realised how much I enjoyed the planning aspect of it all.  For a fleeting moment the idea of becoming a wedding planner entered my mind but was shelved almost as quickly, as so many of us do with our potentially good ideas.  It was a year ago, when I found myself assisting with another wedding that the universe sent me a reminder and this time I listened.  It just felt right.  So where to from here?
Step 1:  Find some lovely, trusting couples who would take on a “planner” with almost no formal experience and convince them to let me help them plan one of the biggest days of their lives.  Thanks to some well connected friends and their word of mouth, this became a reality.
Step 2:  Actually plan the weddings and build a portfolio.  It was a great day when I could officially drop the inverts from “planner” as I had actually been paid for my first wedding!
Step 3:  Register business and create a corporate Identity.  I have a very talented lady named Rachel from Wombat Media to thank for my beautiful logo and all of the other pretties she created for me.  I absolutely love all of it!  If you have any design needs, I highly recommend you visit Wombat Media.  You can find them here.
Step 4:  Get the Plan A name out there.  This is where I am right now.  I have created a Facebook group, started my blog and have loads of other ideas that I will be executing over the coming weeks.  While the website is under construction this blog is the go-to place for all things Plan A, and when the website is complete the blog will be incorporated into it.
Step 5:  Build a portfolio of children’s parties and hen’s parties/bridal showers.
Starting a business is no easy feat and the upcoming road to growing it is going to be challenging to say the least, so I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have helped me so far.  Thanks to Lauren for helping with the brainstorming of the PlanA name.  We came up with so many that some of the good ones were almost forgotten.  Thanks my Tart for remembering one of the first names we came up with, sometimes your first ideas are the best.  Thanks also need to go to my super supportive husband for all the heavy lifting (literally) and for putting up with me being the boss.  Finally, HUGE thanks go to the couples who trusted me with their visions.  Now, before the Academy kicks me off the stage, I will start signing off.
Thanks again for stopping by, please come back soon as I will be uploading some portfolio videos and inspirations in the next couple of days.  Until then, if you or anyone you know has any event management needs or questions, please feel free to email me.
Bye for now,

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2 Responses to Where do I begin?

  1. Lauren says:

    Congratulations Amanda! How wonderful that your dream is becoming a reality. I know your business will be a huge success. Your blog is lovely and I wish you all the best with your future endeavours. Keep up the great work! xox

  2. La.K says:

    Oh my gosh! The dream is becoming a reality! I am so excited about your new adventure. I believe you are made to do this! You are going to be a success – and then I will come work for you 🙂
    Love your blog! I wish you all the very best my friend and I will always be here to support and help you.

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