Inspiration Boards

It happened! It finally happened!  He proposed and you said YES!

Any married lady will tell you that before budgets and guest lists were even discussed, their brains started to run wild with ideas for their big day.  However, with so many wonderful options out there it is easy to become indecisive or distracted.  You will no doubt see many different styles that you absolutely adore but they won’t all necessarily work together.

One of my favourite tools to work with is inspiration boards.  One glance at an inspiration board and you can immediately get the look & feel, as well as the colour scheme of the event.  I find them awfully fun too!  I create multiple boards of different styles to compare before locking down the scheme of the event.  Once the scheme is decided on, I then build on and use that board throughout.

They are also an incredibly helpful tool when dealing with your vendors.  By showing them your inspiration board they will more accurately be able to get an idea of what you are trying to achieve.

So get started, trawl the net, pull your favourite pictures out of magazines and build your board. Put a copy on your note board or fridge and don’t forget to keep a copy in your handbag with all your swatches, just in case you see something you like when you are out & about.

Country Vintage

Images By:
Aaron Delesie Photography
Ian Grant Photography
Anna Sawin Photography
Sedona Bride Photography
Meg Baisden Photography
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