I have two little snippets for you today.  The first is something spotted over at Giver’s Log, which has amazing inspiration for gifts and gift wrapping.  It comes from a post titled Glamping.  I would certainly go camping more often if I could do it in such dreamy style.  What a whimsical backyard little girl’s tea-party this could be…
camping glam
On a totally different note, my husband and I recently purchased and then promptly revamped a new dining set, which has me in the mood to host a Bree Van Der Kamp style dinner party.  From there my mind wandered off to table-settings, which then got me thinking about doing a post on table-setting etiquette.  Now, I learnt everything I know from the movie Pretty Woman, but in case you haven’t watched it as many times as I have, here is a little table-setting cheat sheet for you – compliments of Rachel Ray.
Anatomy of a Place Setting
For the full breakdown click here.
Have a good evening.
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