Have Your Cake and Eat It

I’m sure most people would think that, having planned other weddings, doing my own should have been a piece of cake (excuse the pun).  Well to be absolutely honest, it wasn’t.  I found that I had never really thought about what I would have for my own wedding but I knew exactly what I didn’t want, which was a start.
My love of all things vintage made that an easy choice and my easy-going fiance (now husband) had no objections.  So after trawling the net for inspirations, I put together two different vintage style inspiration boards.  One was very chic and the other slightly more shabby (said with love).  Although the super chic was very appealing to the eye, the shabby chic won at the end of the day – it was just a better fit for us and our venue choice.
We had an absolutely perfect day.  I cannot think of anything that didn’t go according to plan, and even if it hadn’t, we were truly surrounded by so much love that I don’t think we would have noticed.
After much nervous excitement (only nervous because I prefer to take photographs than be in them) we received our pictures this week from our photographer Dylan Laubscher.  We are so pleased!  Dylan really got our vision.  I am still trying really hard to pick just a few favourites to post so until then I will leave you with the inspiration vs. reality pictures of our wedding cake.



The inspiration featured was not a cake at all,  it was just a stack of beautifully decorated boxes that really appealed to me.  Originally it was something that I wanted to include at our wedding but it seemed a bit random.  So when we couldn’t decide on what to do for our cake, my mind went back to this picture… Our cake was actually fake.  I made it from polystyrene, fabric, ribbon and buttons.  We had an assortment of treats on the cake – Coffee & Cashew Fudge, Chocolate-dipped macaroons, honeycomb and marshmallows.  People were able to snack throughout the evening or take some home in little brown bags.
I will be posting more pictures from our day soon.  I am also looking forward to introducing you to a very talented lady in the coming week.  I have been a big fan of her work for a while now and am really excited to share her talent with you.  She will be featured in the new monthly photographer post.  Watch this space…
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