Zane and Rachel Liebetrau

I met with Rachel & Zane about 4-months before their wedding day.  They already had the outline of what their wedding was to be, but it was the details and the logistics of those details that they needed help with.  Rachel is a very talented graphic designer (see my logo) and she had already designed the graphic theme of their wedding.  Their wedding brief was: A quirky, fresh and fun, DIY wedding for 220 guests, to be held in a marquee.
Marquee weddings are fantastic because they are a blank canvas.  They allow you to create almost any vision you desire, without having to work around existing structures. However, they can also be a huge logistical challenge because if you want it, you need to supply it.  So with 4-months to go, we got to work.  Rachel’s father is the Rector at St Martin’s Anglican church, which is where Rachel & Zane met.  What a great community they are!  During the 3-day setup and wedding process, I felt as if I had been adopted.  People were constantly bringing me food, juice and the offers of coffee were endless. There were so many helping hands involved in bringing this day together – Rachel & Zane are two very fortunate people.
The pink & grey felt hearts below were hand-created by the bride for each and every guest to wear on the day.  They were a lovely, personal touch.

Images:  Lauren Stead & Lauren Koenig
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2 Responses to Zane and Rachel Liebetrau

  1. rachel says:

    Aww such lovely memories!!
    We definitely could not have had all our dreams become realities without Amanda’s amazing help! Thank you so much!!!

  2. You are sweet! It was such a great day! Isn’t it almost time for a certain married couple’s first anniversary? Have you got your paper present all sorted out?

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