Gavin and Amanda – Some Details

My husband says that shopping with me can sometimes be a frustrating experience…I can be a little difficult.  Not purposefully so, it is just that I go shopping with a specific image of what I want in mind and usually, after much searching, walk away empty-handed.  However, he has learnt that convincing me to compromise will eventually find him in the returns queue.  This is probably why I am such a little DIY’er – it is out of necessity.
I couldn’t decide which of our wedding pics to post so, coupled with the fact that I am probably not the only frustrated shopper out there, I thought I would post them in installments.  That way, I can give you some background into each piece and how they all came to be.  I thought I would start with details of what I wore…
Of course the first things us girls think of is our dress.  Wearing a big, long, wedding white dress was never an option for me.  It just wasn’t my personal style and quite frankly, I think I would have looked a little silly.  I couldn’t find any pictures of anything I liked but I found pictures with elements of what I wanted.  At out first meeting/interview I showed them to my dressmaker, she sketched a design, I loved it and we picked the fabric right then & there.  I will admit, I wasn’t particularly forward thinking about picking a coloured fabric…matching silvers & greys is a tricky job but it all worked out in the end.  (You will see much of the dress in future posts)

I only had 3 serious areas of difficulty during our planning process, and finding the right shoes was one of those. Shopping for peep-toe low heels when the only shoes in stores were gladiators with break-your-neck heels, was frustrating to say the least.  When I did find a pair of shoes I liked, the heel was either too high, they didn’t have my size or they were the wrong shade/colour.  I decided to narrow the criteria and instead looked for comfortable shoes, in the correct style, with the right heel and have them covered in the colour.  I eventually found a pair on sale in Durban City (a great place if you are trying to find something off-trend and at a bargain).  I found some fabric in a contrasting but complimentary coloured fabric, had them covered & embellished, and I was happy with how they turned out.

Crystals, feathers and pearls are just so elegantly vintage, I had to have them.  I chose to forgo the flower bouquet and have something made instead.  To tie it all together, I had a three-strand pearl necklace made as well.

I had decided to make myself a hairpiece but after making three, I still wasn’t happy with how the colours tied in with everything else.  I happened to be out doing some grocery shopping when I found this not-so-little gem at an absolute bargain.

We were so happy with how our handmade invites turned out!  We collected many a cardboard examination-pad backing, bought some curtaining, some flower brooches and some feathers.  With much glue and many helping hands, we got to work cutting and gluing them together.  They were wrapped in polka dot tissue paper and hand delivered in white boxes.
My bag was a last-minute make by my dressmaker.  She used the left over satin, Chantilly lace & Swarovski crystals from my dress, and the cut-off raw silk from my shoes to create this little clutch.
Some pictures and details from our creative shoot to follow soon…
Images:  Dylan Laubscher
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2 Responses to Gavin and Amanda – Some Details

  1. Judy Goddard says:

    Amanda, this website is fantastic and your pboto’s just amazing! your photographer is wonderful. we used Trent Saunders and I am so dissapointed in comparison. was a few years back now..
    congrats on this business and all the best

  2. Thanks Judy! Appreciate the words of encouragement 🙂

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