Production Package

Stage 2 is when the real work begins.  Many of the tasks involved in this stage are really fun!  Designing/buying your dress, tasting and choosing your cake, designing invites, choosing your wedding bands etc.  These are probably all of the things you have pictured yourself doing.  However, people tend to feel overwhelmed with all the other tasks involved in planning,  like ensuring your invites are printed correctly and on time, confirming details with vendors and arranging/coordinating your rehearsal. You will probably find that the closer you get to your event, the more these details will start to add stress into your day. Everybody handles their stress differently and although all of these tasks add to the whole experience of planning your wedding, you don’t want to look back one day and find that the only thing you can remember is how ill all of the stress made you feel. The novelty of the reason for your event should never wear off.

Poole Guildhall Wedding by tahsina.smith.

Plan A’s Production Package is designed to partner with you to develop the vision of the event and ensure that vision carries through all elements of the celebration, thus freeing you from the mounting anxiety involved in planning.  Meetings with me will ensure a continuous exchange of ideas and answers to all your questions.
Benefits of this package include:
  • Development and clarification of event vision
  • Personalised planning schedules
  • Attendance at all meetings
  • Formation of detailed event timelines
  • Communication of timeline with all vendors and relevant parties involved in the event
  • Availability for day/s of setup
  • Continual communication and coordination with vendors, allowing you to deal with one party, as opposed to multiple
  • Day of coordination and troubleshooting, through to strike management
For further information on Plan A’s Production Package please email me here.
Stage 3 will follow tomorrow…
Image: Tahsina Smith

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