Gavin and Amanda: The Decor

Both our ceremony & reception were held at Market, which is a lovely courtyard restaurant tucked away behind an antique store.  The gravel, water feature and fairy lights meant that we didn’t need to do much in the way of decor…just a little something to add to the charm of the venue.  Here is the scoop on the decor details…

Welcome Banner

The entrance to Market is a driveway, which seemed a little bare for such an auspicious occasion.  So I had our local wire & bead artist make these hearts, added some ribbon and the welcome bunting.

We looked at many different options for the seating chart but decided to go with escort cards instead.  We rusted some door keys and attached the escort cards with ribbon.

Guests were seated at their tables for the ceremony.

For the place settings we used paper doilies and spray painted them machine grey.
Market’s napkins are black & white striped, which didn’t really fit our decor. I wasn’t too happy about hiring plain white ones I but wasn’t going to stress myself out about it. Fortuitously, I was at Minty’s for a dress-fitting when I saw this reduced price grey polka dot fabric , which was the same as the tissue paper in our invites – it was perfect!  Sadly, I bought too little fabric and couldn’t get more…they were the world’s tiniest napkins ever made!

Challenge 1: We had chosen not to do favours because I feel that there are very few that add value for their cost.  We chose to donate to charity instead.  Gavin chose the Durban Child Welfare and I chose CANSA. We just had to figure out how we were going to let people know?

Challenge 2: Due to our ceremony and reception being at the same venue, having menus and ceremony programs at the guest’s seats seemed a little bulky.
Solution: I came up with this newspaper idea.  The front page had the story of us donating to charity and the back page had an article on our menu and another on the order of proceedings.  We called it The Gavanda Times because that is the couple-name by which some of our friends refer to us (Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes = TomKat).
See this earlier post for the details on our “cake”

I really enjoyed all the DIY for our wedding.  Being the control freak that I am, it allowed me full control of all of the details without having to source vendors who could make it happen.  If you are thinking of going the DIY route then you need to bear in mind that doing it yourself can add a lot of extra stress and it is not necessarily the cheaper option.  Also remember to start your projects well in advance so that if they don’t work, you will have the time to make an alternate arrangement.
Well that’s it for today.  I’m busy working on quite a few projects at the moment so don’t forget to look out for the launch of the Plan A website and some cool wedding giveaways.
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