Day-Of Package

Stage 3 is The Big Day.  Regardless of  the nature of your event, the goal of every host is to be a guest at their own party.  Relaxing, mingling and enjoying your time is what this stage should be all about.  Your day will be filled with hair appointments, makeup and pampering.  Nervousness and excitement may also manifest themselves in unexpected ways. This does not leave you time for arranging and overseeing vendors or dealing with problems.  Family and friends will be rallying around you or readying themselves for the event and therefore may not have the time to efficiently oversee all of the necessary details of the day, nor the experience to handle any problems.

Plan A’s Day-Of Package is designed to execute your vision flawlessly and to act as a buffer between your enjoyment and any problems that may arise.  Knowing that I will be dealing with any issues that may arise, with your best interests at heart, allows you to relax and take in every moment of your important day.  I will meet with you 1-month prior to be properly briefed on the event and from there will stay in continuous communication with you in the run-up to the big day.
The benefits of this package include:
  • Confirmation and communication with vendors and relevant event parties in the weeks prior to the event
  • Assistance with drawing up an event timeline
  • Assistance with coordination of rehearsal
  • Execution of event timeline
  • Supervision of all vendors during setup, event service and strike
  • On-site coordination and management of entire event
  • Creating solutions for day-of challenges.
For further information on Plan A’s Day-Of Package please email me here.
Image: Dylan Laubscher
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  1. Lauren says:

    That’s such a cute pic! I saw this website called Rock and Roll bride and thought of you the other day:) Your blog is coming along so nicely. x

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