Gavin and Amanda: The Creative Shoot

Finding a photographer was another of the three things that we had trouble with during our planning process.  Gavin and I had coffee with so many photographers.  None of them were bad, I was just after something specific.  One of the biggest hurdles was finding a photographer who was willing to do the photography without doing an album.   Now I know some of you may be wondering why I could possibly not want an album?  Well, personally I don’t see their relevance anymore.  The album does the rounds post-wedding and is relegated to the cupboard, only to be glanced at once every couple of years.  Also, in this digital age, most people would be looking at the pictures online anyway.  That’s just my view on it and if I change my mind, I can always put an album together.   Anyway…after all those meetings we still hadn’t found anyone and we had tapped our resources of local photographers.
Kristy-Anne Swart is a photographer based in Canada and I have always admired her work.  Her husband is from Durban and a friend of a friend, so I sent her a mail to see if there was any chance she would be in the country over the time of our wedding.  As luck would have it, they had planned to be here during the World Cup.  I couldn’t believe it!  We agreed on a price and that was it.  Sadly, in the couple of months between Kristy-Anne and I sealing the deal and her booking their flights, the ticket prices has doubled due to the World Cup demand.  It just wouldn’t have been prudent for both of them to spend so much money therefore Kristy-Anne wasn’t going to make the trip.  She was disappointed and felt so bad.  I was disappointed and starting to stress.  It was 5-months to the wedding and we had no photographer.
I hit the phones again and of course everyone was booked.  One very helpful photographer, Thea Cogill, felt so sorry for us that she kindly sent me a list of recommendations.  Some I had already seen but there was one name that I hadn’t tried before…Dylan Laubscher.  I contacted him and he was available (cue heaven-sent angel choir).  I had a look at his work and was impressed.  Dylan was a relatively new name in the wedding photography field but based on his work, I would never have known.  All parties were happy after our meeting so we locked it down – what a relief!
I was a rather calm bride but there were two things that made me really nervous – photographs and the first dance (Gavin & I have a history of not being able to partner-dance together).  I did feel awkward during the first dance but I can gladly say that I had much fun doing the photographs.  Dylan and his assistant, Robyn, made us feel so relaxed and comfortable.  We couldn’t settle on a location to do our photos so we decided to take a walk around our neighbourhood. Eclectic is an antique shop in Gordon Road, Morningside and they were kind enough to let us take some pics in their store.  We love how our photos turned out, Dylan really got our vision.  Here are a few of my favourites…

Below are the links for the aforementioned photographers:
Dylan Laubscher –
Thea Cogill –
Kristy-Anne Swart –
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3 Responses to Gavin and Amanda: The Creative Shoot

  1. La.K says:

    i love your wedding photos. so you 🙂
    you made a very beautiful bride – and gav a handsome groom!

    PS ooo, kristy-ann is one of my favourite photographers

  2. kovo says:

    I am a photographer looking at starting to do weddings and have been looking into pricing structures. II totally agree, wedding albums are dust collectors and I am not keen on having it as a main part of my pricing structure, but rather as an extra. I actually have different ideas about final output that I think are much more interesting and attuned to the digital world that we live in … so interesting to have very randomly come across your blog today and with this very topic on my mind. Thank you for helping me to solidify my thoughts!

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