Fun and Exciting Cupcake Ideas

I’m sure many of the parents out there will attest to not being aware of their creative potential until after they had children. From making up adventure bedtime stories to getting creative with dress-up day outfits, your imaginations have probably never worked so hard.  Another area where your creative muscles really get their exercise is when it comes to your child’s birthday parties. Every year your child is into something new, and finding fun ways to carry that theme into their birthday party can sometimes be a challenge.  That is why I thought I would point you in the direction of  a helping hand…
The recently released, What’s New Cupcake? is the sequel to the much-loved Hello Cupcake! It is a how-to/recipe/cupcake decorating book with inspiration for creating all sorts of fun and exciting frosting and decorations, for a variety of different occasions.  This book promises loads of simply executed recipes, made from easily accessible ingredients. Take a look at some examples…

Summer Party Ant Cupcakes

Bee Themed Party Cupcakes
What’s New Cupcake? is available via for a pretty reasonable price.  However, please bear in mind that although the book promises all of the ingredients to be available at your nearest candy shop, this is an american release.  Therefore you may have to find suitable South African substitutes for some of the ingredients.  Regardless, a little inspiration goes a long way…

Happy baking!

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