Inspiration: Ruffles

Hi everyone, sorry for being so quiet lately.  It seems that wearing many hats at one time will catch up eventually…I like to think of myself as the ultimate multi-tasker but sometimes my body tends to disagree.  So I just needed to take a little break and focus only on the really pressing things for a few days.
Welcome to the new & improved Plan A Blog!  I am so pleased with how it has turned out. There are still a few bits & bobs to be tweaked but we are pretty much there.  A HUGE thank you needs to go to Tammy and Cari from OneEight Design.  They have been an absolute breeze to work with!  If you have any web design needs I would suggest you give these ladies a call.
I have some wedding dress eye-candy for you today.  I am such a sucker for all things ruffled so I thought I would share…

Wedding Dresses

Have a super evening!  Check back in tomorrow for DIY Friday.

Image credits: The Cherry Blossom Girl, Ashley Maxwell Photography, Stacey Reeves, Amac + Wise Photography
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1 Response to Inspiration: Ruffles

  1. La.K says:

    the new blog looks GREAT! well done to you and OneEightDesign! It’s so lovely that I wish I had a wedding to plan :0)

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