Things That Make Me Go Oooh!

I moved house recently (told you I was a whiner), which has caused me to be a little behind in not only my posting, but my research too.  Anytime that I have gone online I have been looking for decor inspiration, so now I am sitting here on this gloomy Saturday morning playing catchup. There are so many beautiful things I come across that I would love to share therefore I thought I would start this little round-up of things that make me go oooh.  Maybe they will make you go oooh too. Have a super weekend!

bride with red soled shoes
  • I just love this Handcrafted Philadelphia Wedding spotted at Ruffled.  A wedding after my own heart.
  • The bride-to-be’s dress in this formal engagement shoot is to die for and the formal attire against the informal backdrop is so refreshing.  Head on over to Style Me Pretty to have a look.
  • Desire to Inspire posted these amazing Zanzibar images.  Honeymoon anyone?
  • Bouquet Beauties at Brenda’s Wedding Blog
  • I love love love this Industrial Wedding posted at Greige.
  • Whimsical Fairytale Wedding from Green Wedding Shoes. *sigh*
  • Image: ck metro photography

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    2 Responses to Things That Make Me Go Oooh!

    1. You were right! These pictures makes me go Oooh as well! especially the handcrafted wedding and the lovely home from Desire to Inspire. Enjoy your day, Kellie xx

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