Halloween DIY Round-Up

Hello dear little blog and blog readers…oh how I have missed you.  This last month has been one giant to-do list and blogging sadly ended up near the bottom and then the longer I have been away, the harder it has been to get back in.  So today, inspired by watching Julie & Julia (delightful movie),  I decided to dive right back in, starting with a post on Halloween.
Unless I had blinkers on, I don’t remember Halloween being something we really celebrated here in South Africa but over the past few years dress-up parties have been springing up all over the place.  We don’t seem to have bought into the trick-or-treating or the pranking but an excuse for a party and dress-up never hurt anyone.  So I thought I would put together a bunch of ideas, inspirations and recipes for all of your Halloween needs….

Skull Potato Stamp

A quick and cost-effective answer to decorating paper plates, napkins & goodie bags.

Cobweb Printable

Eerie Little Ghosts

Visit Martha Stewart for all of these and many more DIY Halloween how-tos.

Glittered Witch Hat

Courtesy of Domestifluff.

Glittered Mini Witch Hat Pumpkin

Be sure to follow Domestifluff’s DIY Halloween countdown.

Halloween Dinner Party Inspiration

(courtesy of Hostess with The Mostess)

vampire dinner party ideas twilight halloween

Frightfully Good Halloween Ghost Cake

(courtesy of i am baker via Cut Out & Keep)


Lots of clever cupcake & cookie decorating ideas from BHG

Green and Black Halloween Cookies

Hope your Halloween is a goodie!

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