Rain On Your Wedding Day?

Being the little control freak that I am, I needed to have my finger on the pulse of each little detail on our wedding day. It was planned to within an inch of its life.  On the day when I had to let it all go so that I could be the bride, I had made an extremely detailed list and action plan for everyone who was helping with the setup.  There was just one area that no matter how hard I had tried I could not control, and that was the weather.  I was checking the weather forecast for at least a week before the big day and things were not looking good.  At first I wasn’t too stressed about it because the forecasts change daily, but on the day before my nerves started to frazzle.  Not because the forecast was bad but because I couldn’t get a consistent answer from the 57 weather sites I was checking.  I needed to implement a plan B but didn’t really want to spend the extra money if we didn’t have to. So after I took a deep breath and gave myself the advice that I give all my brides, I put plan B into action…
We provisionally booked the nomadic tent, some outdoor umbrellas and made sure the venue had some blankets on hand for the chill factor (it was a courtyard wedding).  Our venue also had some fire pits so we placed a wood order.  I woke up on our wedding day and the sun was shining beautifully so the provisional bookings were cancelled but thankfully we kept the blankets and the wood because the weather changed to overcast and chilly later on.  As it turned out, the blankets and the fire pits gave our reception such a warm and cozy feel.  So the lesson learnt was…even for the most controlling of control freaks, the unexpected and unavoidable can sometimes add a wonderful touch of character to your day.
What is the advice that I give my brides?
  • Plan as an optimist but alway be a little realistic. Although you are planning your perfect day, don’t ignore the little voice giving you a reality check.  No matter how hard you try things may not turn out as you had hoped and by reminding yourself of that, you may still feel some disappointment but you are less likely to have a meltdown over it.
  • Create a plan B with your photographer. When you conceptualise your creative session with your photographer ensure that you come up with a rainy day plan as well.  Check if your photographer has rainy day props on hand and if not, get yourself some wellies and brollies and just go with it.  You may find that you are thrilled with the results.  Some wonderful effects can only be achieved when the rain visits.
  • Don’t fight the curl, embrace it. If you are like me and have hair that turns into a curly, frizzy mess when met with moisture then ensure that you have a style in mind that will make it less noticeable.  If you have curly hair but were planning a straight style, perhaps scrap that and rock a nice loose curl instead.  You could have a trial for it too but at the very least, ensure you have discussed it with your stylist before hand so that they know what to expect if plan B comes into play.
  • Liaise closely with your planner and/or venue. You will not be the first or the last couple to have rain as an uninvited guest on your day so you will find that your venue and your planner have probably dealt with these issues before.  If you are planning an outdoor wedding keep bad weather in mind when doing your venue scouting.
  • Remember why you are having a wedding. This is the most important piece of advice of all.  We are very fortunate that in South Africa we only really have to deal with rain and wind.  In other parts of the world they have to plan around much worse.  So remember that everyone is gathered for you and your fiance to get married.  The only thing that matters at the end of the day is that you both said “I do”, were pronounced “Mr. & Mrs.” and signed on the line.
Don’t forget…the unexpected usually makes for a great story for years to come.  Here are some great examples of working the weather into your photography.
Image #99558
Image Credit:  Orange Girl Photography
Image Credit: Raphael Goetter
Have a super weekend!!
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