A Vintage-Industrial Coffee Inspired Wedding – The Inspiration

I have been been dying to throw an industrial wedding, and on seeing Colombo Fine Beverage Co, I knew that someone had to get married there, I just had to find the right couple…enter Graeme & Colette.

About 5 years ago, Graeme hopped on a plane to New York, engagement ring in hand, to visit his long time love, Colette, who had a brief sojourn in The States.  In the middle of Central Park, Graeme got down on one knee and asked Colette to marry him.  Colette said “Thanks man!” (which meant yes) and that was the last that anyone heard of marriage or a wedding from Graeme and Colette…until in December 2010 when a date was set – 16 June 2011.

Graeme & Colette were a wedding planner’s dream because they did not have any preconceived ideas of what they wanted; they just knew that they didn’t want a traditional cookie-cutter, bank-breaking wedding.

Although Colombo had never held a wedding there, the fantastic Kyle Fraser of Colombo was keen.  After seeing the venue Colette was sold but Graeme was hesitant.  He was concerned about what people would think and couldn’t quite picture how we were going to turn this functioning coffee factory into somewhere suitable for a wedding.  Enter the inspiration board.   He saw it, he got it and they were sold.  Their board looked something like this…

Pop back soon for the “Inspiration vs. Reality” post.

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