A Vintage-Industrial Coffee Inspired Wedding – The Reality

Having the wedding at Colombo was no easy feat.  Not being a traditional wedding venue, they were not equipped with tables, chairs, knives or forks.  If we needed it, we had to source it and bring it in.  Colette and Graeme did a lot of DIY for the day. Amongst other things, Colette made the knife & fork place mats and Graeme planted the all of the succulents into the cinderblocks and tin cans.

Guests were given take home 25g bags of Mocca-Java coffee as their favours.  Colombo do an extensive range of coffees, which are for sale to the public, but Kyle’s suggestion of the Mocca-Java blend was incredibly apt. Mocca-Java is regarded as the first union (or blend) of two different single-origin coffees in history.  Mocca brings chocolate-like aromas with fruity flavours to the blend, while Java contrasts this perfectly with deep body and sweet caramel on the palate. This marriage of two very different coffees has stood the test of time.

Picking the vendors was of key importance, especially the caterers.  Colombo was not equipped with a kitchen either, which is why Fusion World Cafe was first choice.  If you have not eaten at Fusion before then you have been missing out!  Shaun & Caryn run the amazing restaurant, as well as the Fusion Cooking School, and they brought their many years of experience to the table when they served 75 guests a delicious and hot 3-course meal from what can only be described as a camping kitchen setup.

Although guests were rather apprehensive on hearing where the wedding was, when they walked through the doors of Colombo to see the fairy-lit transformation and the smell of freshly ground coffee hit them, the party began.  Colombo served 197 cups of coffee that evening and guests literally had to be kicked out in the early hours of the morning.

The general guest consensus:  “What a refreshing change to most weddings they attend.”

Congratulations Graeme & Colette!!  Thanks for picking me to be your planner.  You were awesome to work with!

Coming up next on the blog…a long overdue post on Hayley & Phil’s Mad-Hatter Inspired Brunch Wedding.

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  1. lindayoga says:

    Stunning…Simply stunning.

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