Hi, I’m Amanda and welcome to Plan A – Wedding & Event Management.

I like lists, I am crafty (in the sewing/creative way, not the cheating/sneaky way), I confess to being somewhat of a control freak and I love a good soiree.  Random Fact: My last Hemispheric Dominance Test showed that I use both the left and right sides of my brain equally, allowing a good balance of creativity with logical thought process.  These traits enable me to effectively handle all of the elements involved in helping you plan your perfect event, allowing you to reap all of the enjoyment and less of the stress.

PlanA specializes in wedding planning & coordination but also handles baby showers, bridal/hen’s parties and children’s parties.  My level of involvement is up to you.  My packages allow you to decide if you would like my assistance from the beginning/planning stage, the middle/action stage or the final/execution stage.

Please feel free to Email Me if you or anyone you know has any event management needs.