Doily Cupcake Wrappers

cupcake wrappers
Firstly you will need to print out this template for your wrappers.  Thank you again to Christina over at Intimate Weddings for the template.  You will also need:
  • paper doilies (about 27cm in diameter)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick
Step 1. – Lay your doily out on a flat surface
Step 2. – Cut out the wrappers from the template and place the wrappers on the doily.

cupcake wrappers

Step 3.-  Trace around the template with your pencil but don’t trace around the outside border.
Step 4.- Cut out along your pencil line and your wrapper should now look like this:

paper doilies for cupcakes

Step 5. – Add some glue to the one small edges of your wrapper, wrap piece around cupcake and secure to the other end.   When you are done your cupcake should look like this:

paper doilie cupcake wrappers

That was a super easy one.  If you are going to be making quite a few, you can stack the doilies on top of each other and secure with paper clips or pins before cutting.  If white isn’t your preference, you can also use coloured or patterned doilies.

4 Responses to DIY

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  2. Kristy-Anne says:


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  4. Desiree Watson says:

    ….what a frikken CLEVER idea!!!!! I make cup cakes all the time, but find the wrappers you can buy are just sooooo expensive, THANK YOU!!

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