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I moved house recently (told you I was a whiner), which has caused me to be a little behind in not only my posting, but my research too.  Anytime that I have gone online I have been looking for decor inspiration, so now I am sitting here on this gloomy Saturday morning playing catchup. There are so many beautiful things I come across that I would love to share therefore I thought I would start this little round-up of things that make me go oooh.  Maybe they will make you go oooh too. Have a super weekend!

bride with red soled shoes
  • I just love this Handcrafted Philadelphia Wedding spotted at Ruffled.  A wedding after my own heart.
  • The bride-to-be’s dress in this formal engagement shoot is to die for and the formal attire against the informal backdrop is so refreshing.  Head on over to Style Me Pretty to have a look.
  • Desire to Inspire posted these amazing Zanzibar images.  Honeymoon anyone?
  • Bouquet Beauties at Brenda’s Wedding Blog
  • I love love love this Industrial Wedding posted at Greige.
  • Whimsical Fairytale Wedding from Green Wedding Shoes. *sigh*
  • Image: ck metro photography

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    I moved house  just over two weeks ago and never is the history of moving has there been a bigger whiner than me.  I love our new home but I have decided that the act of moving is one of the worst things that can happen to me.  Deciding to move and doing it all in the space of 2 weeks may have been what tipped me over the edge, but I am spontaneous like that.  In light of my moving horror, “Marry Me”? week didn’t quite turn out as planned.  I still have some posts that were queued to go, so today’s post is focused on engagement shoots.
    A few weeks ago I did a photography profile on Jacki Bruniquel and during the interview Jacki touched on engagement shoots and their benefits, which inspired me to take a closer look…
    I am sure I have mentioned before that I tend to avoid being in front of the camera.  This is just one of the reasons that we opted not to have an engagement shoot done.  As it turns out, we ended up having so much fun doing our creative shoot that I kinda wish we had done an e-session .  I probably would have felt less nervous too.  I haven’t broken the news to Gavin yet but I think we should have a photo shoot done for our 1-year anniversary.  Do you think that counts as a gift of paper?

    The sky is the limit when it comes to engagement shoots.  Unlike your wedding shoot, you don’t have to worry about you hair, make-up or clothing so play in the rain if you can time it correctly.
    Themed shoots always look like so much fun!  Raid your grandparents wardrobes or head on over to your local costume hire shop and get into character.
    If vamping it up isn’t for you then consider recreating your first meeting, first date or how you got engaged.  Choosing a location that has special meaning to you will make your photos all the more special.

    Consider your e-session as a super fun trial run.  We all have our body image issues (even the guys) and having a pre-shoot done is a great way to let your photographer know which angles you are not fond of.  At the end of the day, the pros of having one done certainly outweigh the cons, so speak to your wedding photographers about it.  They will probably be more than happy to do one as it will allow them to be able to get to know you better and ultimately deliver a final result that you are thrilled with.

    Credits:  Simply Bloom Photography, Emma Case Photography, Daniel Kiyoi, David Wittig, Our Labor of Love

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    Engagement Etiquette

    Engagement rings date back to the ancient days of marriage by purchase when gold rings were circulated as currency.  The groom-to-be would offer his bride-to-be a gold ring as his partial payment for her and a symbol of his intentions…a type of lobola really.  The engagement ring is placed on the third finger on the left hand since in ancient times this finger was believed to be the only one with a vein running directly to the heart.

    Most engagements are exciting but can also be a little stressful.  It’s an important occasion that can raise quite a few questions.  Most people plan to get engaged and married once in their lives so doing in correctly is important to them.  Below are some common questions…
    Does my ring have to be a diamond?
    Traditionally engagement rings are diamonds but today’s rings can be any gemstone and style that suits you personally.  The most important thing is that you are comfortable with the ring that you have.
    What if I dislike my ring?
    This could be a dilemma if you didn’t have any input on the style of your ring but your fiance spent a lot of time choosing it.  To avoid hurt feelings or hidden resentments, it is best to be honest and discuss the situation (though perhaps not immediately as it is slipped on your finger).  It is important to remember that the ring is symbolic and when you put it all into perspective the most important things is the intention and commitment.  However, in theory, you will be wearing your ring for the rest of your life so you should be happy, comfortable and proud to be wearing it.  When broaching the subject make it clear that you don’t question the emotion behind the gift, but the style simply doesn’t suit you.  Perhaps suggest incorporating the ring you were given into a design that you feel more comfortable with.  A tricky subject, but one that you should be able to discuss with the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with.
    Is it ethical to split the cost of a ring?
    Tradition dictates that the man pays for the ring.  However, these days many couples are already sharing a home and expenses and might as well share this expense too.  Budgeting for the ring and sharing the engagement rings cost guarantees that the couple discusses financial planning long before the marriage.  Whatever works for you as a couple.
    Does my wedding band go on before or the engagement ring?
    Again, it is a personal preference but traditionally, the wedding band is worn closest to the heart.
    Who do we tell first about the engagement?
    If you want to go by the rules of engagement ring etiquette, the brides parents are told first, followed by the grooms parents.  Close family and friends can be told soon after.

    Still to come in “Marry Me? Week: Polls, proposal stories & e-sessions.

    Image credit:  Kathy Rosario

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    Happy Snap Sunday

    Image credit:  Bruno Senna
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    DIY Friday: Shoes!

    Hello.  My name is Amanda and I have wide feet.  I could be catwalk-skinny and it would not change the fact that I have wide feet.  It is because of my wide feet that I battle to find shoes that look good.  The excitement of a dressy occasion comes to a halt as soon as I realise I will need to buy a pair of shoes to go with the new dress I am having made.  Heaven forbid I need to find a pair that aren’t in this season’s colours!   Why the share?  Well, in the light of the above, you can imagine my excitement when I saw the first ever DIY post on Green Wedding Shoes.  This will certainly come in very handy to me.  I can accessorise my established shoes collection for those special occasions.  Well done Green Wedding Shoes!  Keep ’em coming.
    You will need:
    * chosen peep-toe shoes (preferably narrowed in the middle.
    * nylon fishing line
    * silk chiffon fabric in your chosen colour/pattern
    DIY couture wedding shoes
    Cut two pieces of fabric (38cm x 33cm), then fold in an accordion style along the longer length.
    DIY couture wedding shoes
    Take the fabric and tie a loose not around the centre part of the shoe.
    DIY couture wedding shoes
    Next, cut four pieces of fishing line about 75cm long. Then push one side in so there is a nice small bump and wrap the fishing line around (in line with fingers). Tie in a knot on the underside so you won’t see it. Wrap the fishing line around again and knot again.
    DIY couture wedding shoes
    Repeat the above so that you have two small sections on that side of the shoe.  Move to the other side.
    DIY couture wedding shoes
    Once you have the first shoe done, go ahead and repeat on your second shoe. when you have completed both shoes, trim the ends so they match each other in length.
    DIY couture wedding shoes
    There you have it!
    Have a super weekend!  Don’t forget “Marry Me?” Week starts Monday – see you then.
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    {Re-Post} Glossary: Ahoy Sailors – you look awesome!

    Earlier today Glossary did a post on the sailor-themed wedding of Durban couple, Richard & Casey and I knew it had to be shared.  This wedding is superb! It makes me so happy to see Durban (which is often considered the late-bloomer of the major South African cities), and particularly Durbanites breaking the mould of the cookie-cutter wedding.  The photography for this wedding was done by We Love Pictures out of Pretoria – another great wedding by this duo.


    Glossary is an awesome lifestyle blog hosted by my friend Lauren.  Head on over to see more of this awesome wedding.  If you like what you see on Lauren’s digital scrapbook then why not head over to vote for Glossary in the finals of the 2010 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and/or the SA Blog Awards.
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    Marry Me?

    Here at Plan A, the focus tends to be mostly on weddings and the planning thereof.  So to shake things up a little, I thought we would take a few steps back and focus on the engagement.  Therefore next week will be “Marry Me?” Week – all week.  You can expect polls, inspirations, etiquette and engagement shoots.  So whether you are married and want to reminisce, just got engaged, waiting for your guy to ask or are planning to ask him – there will be something for you.
    Here is a little ring inspiration for you in the meantime…


    Credits: Aaron Delesie, Tommy D Fine Jewels, Diana M.Lott, Ashley Forrette, Jennifer Davis, Erin Hearts Court, Jose Villa, Corbin Gurkin, Blonde Tulip, Studio EMP
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